What is PEG?

PEG has no trademark designation yet is known worldwide. Our PEG is based on the simplest of ideas – the wooden clothes peg.


This is a ‘low tech’ item, made from renewable materials, that helps all who use it.

It’s better and a lot less costly than a ‘high tech’, electrically powered, multi-speed, variable selection, complex drying appliance. It’s Simple, Small, Sustainable and you could even make a few with a pocket knife and Share them with your friends.

It uses renewable solar energy to operate, the sun’s rays help sterilize and purify while drying the clothes, and of course, the wind assists in this process too.

We think of PEG as Poverty Elimination Globally. We are in the process of setting up PEG Chapters all over the world, in our attempt to Eliminate Poverty by 2030 (14.8 years from now).

The PEG organization is also Simple, Sustainable, using Sharing and Openness as Guiding Principles.

Each Local PEG Chapter is independent, but networked together for strength, just like clothes pegs on a line. Each holds a little piece, but together they hold all the washed clothes we have, on each line, all over the world.

For more Information watch for future posts here soon.

Volunteers….we really need your help (see the Welcome Post).

  • If we get 25 Likes for this Page in Facebook, we can add a shorter Name for this site – to make it easier to find.
  • If you are in a position to donate a little to this cause, we would like to eliminate Ads created by our Vendor (the WP charge is $8.25US/month).

  • Out Main site (VillagesASimpleSolution.com) has a Menu item called ¬†Full Disclosure

    Here our monthly web costs are shown (usually about $20US/month). All donations gratefully accepted.

Thanks for stopping by….PEG Central


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